Luxury freestanding baths from Castello


Castello luxury freestanding baths, spas and basins

Luxury freestanding baths, spas and basins with the look and feel of natural stone

Castello offers contemporary luxury freestanding baths, spas and basins with the look and feel of natural stone. Each bath is finished by hand to create a beautifully smooth and lustrous finish – truly refined luxury.

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luxury freestanding bath

Beautiful curves and generous dimensions make a Castello freestanding bath the eye-catching centrepiece of any luxury bathroom. What better place to relax at the end of a stressful day than in a luxury Castello bath?

All our freestanding baths, spas and basins combine timeless, contemporary style and design with cutting-edge technology. They are made from a hard-wearing composite material that has the appearance and beauty of natural stone without the excess weight, which means our baths are suitable for installation within the average luxury home, apartment or hotel.

luxury freestanding spa bath for a yacht

An Oceanus in golden sand with a hydrotherapy spa on the luxury yacht Ocean Paradise. Our unique design allows the warm air jets in the spa bath to sit flush with the body. A waterproof remote control allows the flow of air to be adjusted.

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