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Award-Winning Castello Luxury Freestanding Stone Baths

Castello Luxury Stone Baths is an internationally renowned company with a beautiful range of freestanding stone baths and spas. Castello stone baths have been installed in luxury homes, 5-star hotels and spas, ski lodges and yachts around the world.

Luxury Freestanding Bath and Bathroom Spas

From Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Limited Edition Great House on Necker Island in the Caribbean and Moskito Island, to the recently launched Imperia Spa baths in Coya Spa (Amazon rainforest theme) & Wellness in Sharjah, UAE and the new Mirdif Shopping Centre, Castello freestanding stone baths are chosen by discerning clients around the world to add a defining style and finish to luxury bathrooms.  

Freestanding Stone Bath

Our passion, to provide exclusive luxury products in an exclusive range of stone finishes, has enabled us to create the world’s first range of freestanding composite stone baths which incorporate the latest air spa, hydrotherapy and chromo-therapy technology to offer a luxurious therapeutic experience for hotels and private residences.

Taking centre stage at the INDEX exhibition was our Imperia luxury bath for two in the stone white matt finish, incorporating a unique air spa system.

The Index Design Series Trend Tour Dubai 2015

Castello was voted among the TOP 20 winners out of 800 interior designers with the Castello Imperia Bath selected as one of the top designed baths in the world for its best creative products at the exhibition.

Best Hotel Bathrooms In The World

Laurie Clayden designed baths, Imperia and Oceanus, have been voted into the top 10 of the best hotel bathrooms in the world.

  • Sir Richard Branson’s Necker Island Award-Winning Imperia Bathtub
    Imperia Freestanding Stone Bath
  • Sir Richard Branson’s Moskito Island Oceanus Bathtub and 4 Eco Baths and 2 Imperia Baths in Master Bedrooms
  • Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Lodge, Verbier Switzerland Oceanus Bathtub
    Oceanus luxury stone bath  

For the past 18 years Castello has designed and supplied baths and basins to many luxury hotels and resorts, prestigious private developments and super yachts all over the world.

Our designed products can be seen around the world in some of the top hotels and resorts such as:

  • The Virgin Lodge, Verbier, Switzerland Sir Richard Branson’s Mountain Retreat
  • Necker Island Sir Richard Branson’s Private Island,
  • Moskito Island, British Virgin Islands,
  • Hotel Hilton Liverpool and Hilton Batumi Georgia,
  • Freedom Bay Resort St Lucia,
  • Radisson Group – the Edwardian in Leicester Square, London, UK,
  • Grange St. Paul’s five-Star Hotel in London, UK,
  • Hotel Therme Meran in Italy,
  • Hotel Schl√∂ssle in Austria,
  • L’Occitane Spa in Paris, France,
  • Brimstone Hotel, Langdale Estate, Cumbria, UK,
  • Simon Escapes, U.K,
  • Hotel Ammerland Germany,
  • Qatar Palace,
  • Sharm El Sheikh Luxury Hotel Egypt,
  • Troia Design Hotel – a premium five-star resort in Lisbon, Portugal,
  • Ocean Paradise Super Yacht, Bennetti Yachts, Italy,
  • Sarp Yat Yacht, Turkey, La Passion Yacht.

Southern Ocean Lodge Australia (Imperia Bathtub With Matching Basins)

Top Developments / Sky Scrapers In London

Canaletto Development London

We has designed and supplied over 10 Castello Neptune Stone Baths to that is Canaletto Development and Sand Bank Tower Development in London, the top developments in UK in 2016.

The Sand Bank tower

The Sand Bank tower development in London have 20 Castello Neptune Bathtubs.

La Passion Yacht

Castello imperia bath for two and OVB1 basin were selected as the best by La Passion yacht which was the top designed yacht by Luxe at al 2016.

My Quinta Essential Yacht

The oceanus black gloss in the award winning heesen luxury yacht

Benetti Yachts

Oceanus air massage spa bath in golden sand

Castello – Luxury Freestanding Stone Baths

As the top bathroom designer in the world, we can supply our customers with any bath that they require from composite, pure natural stones baths to spa baths according to the customer’s tastes and design all over the world.

To find out more about our luxury freestanding baths, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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