About Castello Baths

Luxury Stone Baths

Our passion to provide luxury products in an exclusive range of stone finishes has allowed us to create the world's first freestanding composite stone baths which incorporate the latest air spa, hydrotherapy and chromo-therapy technology to offer a luxurious therapeutic experiences for hotels and private residences.

Our baths have proven themselves in the demanding international hotel markets, giving credit to the high-quality, durability and style.

Quality in Design and Manufacture

Designed in the U.K with a unique high-tech innovative composite material creating a natural appearance without excessive weight; benefits unachievable in natural stone.

Proof of Quality

Castello has been the repeated choice for many of the most notable and accomplished designers in the world, giving credit to its quality and style.

Sustainable and Efficient

Our insulation properties maintain the temperature of the water in our baths. The ergonomic oval shape of our baths maximise comfort and efficiency.

Practical Maintenance

Practicality and functionality is one of our first and foremost aims when creating a Castello Bath. A Castello Bath is crafted from high quality materials, and hand finished to create a unique finish that makes cleaning simple and easy. Our material never requires resealing making it impervious to staining.

Wide Range to Choose From

Castello being chosen as the top bathroom designer in the world, we can supply our customers with any bath that they require from composite, pure natural stones baths to spa baths according to the customer’s tastes and design all over the world.