Oceanus Stone bath



Numerous discerning clients have chosen Castello Stone Baths to grace their beautiful homes and personal family retreats.

You may also find Castello Luxury Baths in award-winning hotels, lodges and residential developments around the world.

For the past 15 years Castello has designed and supplied baths and basins to many luxury hotels and resorts, prestigious private developments and super yachts all over the world. Our designed products can be seen around the world in some of the top hotels and resorts such as:

  • NECKER ISLAND – Master suite Sir Richard Branson’s great house Imperia Bath
  • THE VIRGIN LODGE – Virgin Limited Verbier Oceanus Bath
  • MOSKITO ISLAND – Virgin Limited edition Imperia, Oceanus and Eco Baths
  • SOUTHERN OCEAN LODGE – Top 10 hotel bathroom in the world. Imperia and matching basins.
  • SAND BANK DEVELOPMENT LONDON – 20 Neptune Bathtubs
  • LA PASSION YACHT DESIGNED BY Luxe in 2016 – Imperia bath for two and OBV1 basins